Whether you are buying or selling property (privately or through an agent), dividing land, transferring names etc. Cornerstone Conveyancing SA will act on your behalf and look after the complete process. We offer professional advice and support throughout the process giving you peace of mind and confidence when transacting.

Residential and Commercial Property Settlements
Vendor or purchaser property settlements including reviewing documents before you sign.

Transfers and Family Transactions
There are different reasons where a transfer or change to the title is required and we can take care of each situation for you.
These situations include:
Change of name
Gifting property
Death of a deceased proprietor
Transferring from joint tenants to tenants in common
Transferring from tenants in common to joint tenants
Joint tenants or tenants in common to sole proprietor
Divorce or relationship ending
Deceased estates

Private Sale, Purchase Contract and Form 1 Preparation
If you decide to sell your home privately or to someone who is known to you, our Registered Conveyancers can prepare a private contract or agreement and prepare the Form 1 (cooling off form) for you. We will then take care of the full process for you from negotiating terms, right through to settlement.

Land Division – Torrens or Community Titles
Whether you are wanting to divide land into two or more allotments or move existing boundaries, we can take care of the process including liaising with a surveyor right through to attending the Land Titles Office to lodge your appropriate documents.

Private Mortgages
We can prepare a private mortgage and see you through the negotiation process with the mortgagor from start to finish.

We can prepare and lodge caveats to prevent the registration of any dealings on a property.

Commercial Leases
We can arrange the preparation of a lease, commercial leases, disclosure statements, extensions of lease or transfer of lease and offer you personalised professional advice throughout the process.

AgentĀ Services
We can prepare contracts, Form 1’s and order all Government and statutory searches.

Contact us if you have any questions.